Cookie Dough or Cookie Don't

Trick question. The answer is always yes when it comes to cookie dough. 

What should I eat? Cookie dough. What should I eat more of? Cookie dough. What should I do today? Cookie dough. How should I get through the day? Cookie dough. What should I eat for breakfast? Cookie dough. What qualities do I want my future husband to have? Cookie dough.

Ask any question. It works.

Today has been one of those extremely productive days. 

One of those stay-in-bed, say-goodbye-to-makeup, rock-those-pajamas, catch-up-on-every-single-episode-of-Psych days. Get out of bed only to make myself a meal. 

Or get cookie dough. Scoop it into a bowl and eat it like ice cream.

Cookie dough. I'm pretty sure heaven is made of cookie dough. Just plain ol' chocolate chip cookie dough.

On bad days, good days, lazy days, crazy days, cookie dough will always be there. It is my friend.

That is all. Try some cookie dough.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lizzie, who threw off the covers, ran to the fridge, scooped another bowl, and found herself in heaven.

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