Despite my homesickness, my natural anti-social tendencies, and my obsession with cookie dough, at least one good thing has come from college.


Honestly, this was the scariest thing about coming to college. The fear that you won't get along with three other girls you will share your space with. What if they're partiers? What if they're scary? What if they always want boys over?

Roommates: you live with them, sleep with them, go to church with them, look at them, smell them, and, occasionally, talk to them. Let me just say, I'm very grateful for these girls. And that they don't party, they don't scare me, and they don't always have boys over.

Most of all, my room-roommate (there's got to be a better name for that). Meet Leanna.

The following 15 reasons are what make Leanna and I work.
  1. She likes to make cookie dough and we both like to eat it.
  2. We both like country music.
  3. We both revere Disney music as somewhat of a fourth meal. A daily necessity. Essential vitamins.
  4. We both love food.
  5. We like to watch movies together every night.
  6. We really kind of do everything together.
  7. We're both clean.
  8. We both fear boys a bit. Okay. A lot.
  9. We're each other's anti-wingwoman, meaning if a guy wants to go out with one of us, the other tags along so he can never get past the friend zone.
  10. Favorite words include sappy, cheesy, antisocial, and chocolate.
  11. We both consider Brad Pitt, Matthew Fox, Chris Evans, Channing Tatum, and Chris Hemsworth, to be the hottest men alive. With an honorary Liam Hemsworth.
  12. We both love the color yellow.
  13. We're both clean!
  14. We love all the same YouTube videos.
  15. Neither of us wears the pants. We both live in sweats and pajamas.
We're both clean. Yes, I know I put it twice. It's important.

Favorite Leanna moments: teasing her about a boy that won't leave her alone, staying up until two just laying in bed and quoting Disney movies, making our very first apple pie together, getting through the entire movie World War Z before realizing that Matthew Fox was in it, watching Studio C all night long, going all the way to the grocery store and loading up our food before I realized I had left my debit card at home, and getting her sick off of sushi.

We actually had a scary moment there where Leanna didn't get a housing contract, so I was alone and she was alone and it was a problem. But we've fixed it. It'll be okay. The nightmares are slowly fading away.

Love this girl. That's just all I have to say.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lizzie, who couldn't wait to bring her roommate home to her family for Thanksgiving. Here we come, Utah!

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