A Fresh Batch of Fun Underwear

I'm standing in line for my last final of freshman year right now. 

Yes, in line. Yes, I've been in line for a while. No, I won't be getting in anytime soon. So I'll blog. 

About underwear. 

You know how you have your favorite pairs of underwear? The most comfortable ones. The ones that make you feel fancy. The ones that you wear with a smile because even though nobody else will see, you know that you secretly look really hot right now. Wear it with pride. 

Ooh! The line just moved. 

It just makes you feel cool to feel hot underneath. 

Yesterday, Leanna turns to me and says, "I need to do a batch of fun underwear. Do you have anything I should throw in?" And that's when it hit me - exactly how much I'm going to miss my roommate and best friend. Because she knows that fun underwear makes a difference in your day. 

And because without her, I wouldn't have my favorite underwear on right now.

But I do. 

Which means I'll get at least ten points higher on this final. Proven fact. 

That is, if I ever actually make it to the front of the line...

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