The Best Day Ever

A friend asked me the other day how I can be so happy when I spend my free time studying something so dark. After all, I am in school to study suicide. It's not always an easy subject.

Without hesitation, I explained that every morning, I get out of bed and say to myself that today is going to be the best day ever. It then becomes a game to convince myself that today truly was the best day ever. Unbeknownst to them, even my friends and family play along, just by simply asking me "why?" when I explain to them that I'm having the best day ever.

Some days it's an easy response: "I just aced a test, a friend surprised me with my favorite Jones soda this morning, and I have a hot date tonight. Today is the best day ever."

Most days I focus more on the little things: "I didn't have any nightmares last night, my hair is brushed, and I have ingredients for cookie dough in my fridge. Today is the best day ever."

Once in a blue moon though, the best day ever may only be categorized as "I got out of bed this morning. It's the best day ever."

The best day ever is redefining happiness, potential, and success to tailor your experiences.

A little while back, I asked family and friends to define happiness, potential, and success. Here were some of the responses.

Happiness is knowing your goals, what you want in life. Potential is having the means of achieving those goals. Success is reaching those goals, no matter what obstacles you may have to face.

Happiness is love. Potential is our ability to purely love. Success is loving as best you can now. 

Happiness is family. Potential is the ability to be the best. Success is finding joy in every thing, good or bad.

Success is exerting your potential. Potential is something you can only use if you're happy. Happiness is being successful, in even the tiny things.

Happiness is a choice. Potential is exponential but limited. Success is loving completely without expectation of it being returned.

Happiness is great. Potential is in everyone. Success is based on perspective.

Happiness is attainable. Potential is often unrecognized. Success is worthwhile.

Happiness is chocolate. And Harry Potter. Potential is life. Success is career.

Happiness is a choice. Potential is tantamount to growth. Success is what happens when you allow yourself to grow.

Happiness is a choice. Potential is endless and within us. Success is living true to what lies within us.

Every single one of these responses could make me sit and think for hours. Even the one about chocolate.

To me, happiness is recognizing not only that you have the potential to be successful, but that you have already been successful.

I believe that rising above anything is success. And some days, rising above the urge to stay under the soft, warm covers may be the hardest thing we've ever done. It's a cold world out there. You will inevitably make mistakes out there. Success is getting out of bed and saying "I'm ready to start the day."

And today is going to be the best day ever.